Thigh High Thursday – 2010Nov18

Excited for Dollfie Dream Saber Lily, I thought I should indulge you with a bevy of quality vinyl thighs in our favorite fashion accessory.

Headlining this week is Aiko Wang's Gothic Lolita Yuki. My, isn't she lovely. ^_^


Next up, We got Hololo's Ryoumou in very bohemian outfit.

it began with a dream

Haku1923's Sora looking lovely as always.

Haruhi Kyon-kon Cospre

A rather interesting Kyonko cosplay done by Toel-uru.

lingerie girl

Another one by the talented Toel-uru. DD Sayaka+painted body


Stumbled upon 桜夜つばさ's photo stream at theFlickr pool.


Another one by 桜夜つばさ. I love the warm tones this set has.

saber 16

Here's Sushi'n'sake's Saber. Love the wig on her.


Here's a candid one of di-chan's Moe. With a cameo by Jack Skellington.


Emi's Sasara in garter belts!! Ready to take the stage.

Not dollfie scale

Well now.. all those delicious thighs have made me hungry. So here's Jeza's Mashiro with some mis-sized condiments.

And that’s it from me for this week. Hope you like this week’s selection.

All images are copyright of their respective owners.

3 responses to “Thigh High Thursday – 2010Nov18

  1. this week’s set definitley meets a lot of expectations x3
    knew you’d put Hololo’s Ryoumou up!

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