Happy Hallooween Food Post

Yep, you read right, It’s a Halloween food post.  No, No; It isn’t about the food we get to have during the Halloween party.  But rather that the office hosted a trick or treat for the kids last Friday, and the day after, me and me mum found this new deli in one of the supermarkets situated in one of the larger malls in my area.  So yeah, the office got decked out and everyone got nutty, well almost everyone.

Each division had a different theme going for them. Apart from that, we’re also supposed to make presentations based on the themes of our respective areas. For our area we had a fairly interesting theme going.  We got to set up our area as though they were different levels from Plants vs. Zombies.  While nothing scary but something I’m fairly sure a lot of people would have been able to relate to, I think the people got the idea what it was.  Plan was for the guys to play zombies and the girls play the part of plants.  How that exactly panned out without having to explain countless inadvertent sexual innuendos is beyond me, since I left just after the last round of kids did their trick or treating.

And thus the day began with people taking time out of their work to put together bits of the office redecoration; nay, remodeling would be more like it.  And even up to the last minute, people were draping trash bags and sticking yellow petals on to their head sets.  And even marking out a chalk outline of a dead cat.  I’m not too sure if there really was a dead cat, but the lulz it got was just priceless.

All in all,  it was just another day in the office all the while you throw in your less than usual shenanigans at the office. We got to dress up, decorate the office and hand out some candy to the kids.  All in a days work.

So I wrapped things up while my nephew mucked about with some new friends, wreaking havoc around the office  floor while I packed up to call it a day.  I’d say it was a day well spent.  Capping off an otherwise draining and exhausting work week.

Soon as I got home, I find out that something had arrived late in the day.  It seems something had slipped past the clutches of the customs folks and managed to head straight to my doorstep evading ransom.  While it wasn’t something I had hoped to arrive over 2 months ago, any packages slipping past the evil postal system.

Wooo~!! First package from Leekeworld!

I have to say, they’re generously wasteful when it comes to packing just  2 wigs.  And so wasting no time, I opened up to check the contents.

I have to say, it was quite a treat to see that they threw in a catalog of their stuff with my orders and what appears to be a cleaning solution or possibly a shampoo  for the wigs.  I’ll have to figure out what it really is for. Something for future blogging. And so on to girls new mullets!!

Ok.. so the girls look like they have either bed hair or “sex hair”.  I just quickly put it on them and didn’t get around to brushing them down.  Yeah, after being told that I have an eye for fashion and home decor like that of a girl, I can’t style wigs even if my life depended on it.

Also, BRS Nendo and Figma arrived earlier that week.

The Day After

I woke up late after falling asleep while watching TV.  Picked up my mum for lunch with my nephew  tagging along yet again.  We thought we’d try out this new deli situated in one of the long established supermarkets in the mall we frequent.  Interestingly enough, aside from the menu which served popular local dishes, they had an Italian menu serving various pizzas, pastas and panini’s.

A variety quiches.
Some of the ready made sandwiches. You could make one of your own.
Pastas... and Raviolis
More Pastas and the sauces of the day.

The food wasn’t much to chalk up to dining experience but it was good nonetheless.  I would have to say that it was nothing short of good comfort food.  Will most definitely be dropping by there again soon.  Oh.. Did I mention they had cakes.

Yeah.. Cakes....
More Cakes
Yet some more cakes
Delicious cakes

And so, I hope you liked looking at the cakes as much as I enjoyed them while I was there.



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