Thigh High Thursday – 2010Oct28

All Hallow’s Eve is just around the corner and I know I promised a Halloween themed Dollfie edition.  But since things on my end have been rather busy and crazy these past few weeks in both life and work, I wasn’t able to do much photographing.

Nonetheless I hope you like this month’s selection of Dollfie Dream Thigh high fashion.

Ghost of me by Kiwira

On that note, I hope you enjoyed this week’s serving. Hopefully the images should link to their respective sources. otherwise, WP is being a bitch.



  1. An excellent selection !
    mmm, Tsun’s looks really hot with that turquoise bra top and shorts;
    nice to see there was at least one Halloween outfit there though :3

    …wait a second… OMG is that ramcot_snow’s Halloween bunny outfit on applepuff’s *O*

  2. hai, i was wondering if you (or if you know someone that would do) figures just like these but in life size?
    thankyou ^^

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