Rumor Mill: New Star Wars Trilogy

“In October 2010, a story on claimed that a new Star Wars sequel trilogy would debut about two years after the re-release of Return of the Jedi in 3D. IESB’s source also reported that the new trilogy would take place somewhere between one hundred and one thousand years after the original trilogy, and would not focus on the Skywalker family.[7][8] This rumor was quickly debunked by Lucasfilm spokesman Josh Kushins, who said “there are no new Star Wars feature films planned.”[9]Wookipedia

Yeah… that little excerpt was more than enough to send shivers down my spine, shit in my pants and have a nose bleed unlike any oppai laden anime on air to date.

However, while Lucasfilm was quick to denounce any speculation of the ‘possibility’ of a new Star Wars trilogy. Star Wars fan sites as well as several geek sites are a buzz with it.  Along with it, Yahoo’s search trends have no less than  “The Maker” George Lucas trending and pulling up links to several news site, with DimeWars leading the charge.

Information coming out are nothing short of presumptive. And with fans armed with nothing more than mere speculation, one can only argue with a statement pointed out by Wookiepedia from an interview with Mr. Lucas during the filming of ESB way back in 1973; “After the success of Star Wars, I added another trilogy. So now there are nine stories. The original two trilogies were conceived of as six films of which the first film was number four.”

As far as what arc this reputed sequel goes, it will most likely not feature the Skywalkers as the centric characters, this much can be said.  It may be set as either a continuation or a parallel arc to the events of the 6 episodes or perhaps yet another prequel pre-dating the events of Episode 1.  Heck, it could probably be a saga about that “Ice-cream maker guy” from the cloud city of Bespin.  Personally, I’m keeping my finger’s crossed for a story covering the Solo kids, Jaina and Jacen’s turn at leading the new Republic.

For all I know, everything is up in the air.  As far as I have read, the only thing certain in the foreseeable future are the Star Wars 3d re-releases and its Blu-Ray counterparts.  And from what news that’s been garnered, further additions to the 6 films in the form of re-CG’ed scenes and more deleted scenes as previewed in the recently concluded Celebration V.

So what does this mean for the fans.  Frankly, nothing. Where we rest our hungry souls for a new chapter in what could be the greatest space opera ever written, all we can garner is that the story will go on, if not from the very man who fathered this epic, then from the many loyal and creative fans who would like nothing less than to see this story be told, retold and expanded into its own being for our future generations.



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