Thigh High Thursday – 2010Oct21

Now I know I should be putting up this month’s Dollfie Dream edition of Thigh High Thursday. But I wanted pics of the Third scale ladies to be Halloween themed to go with the season.  So I mustered up the foster parents and set them to work on their Halloween themed thigh high photo shoots of their girls, while I share with you some of this years slinky Halloween thigh high pics.

Trick or Treat!! Happy Halloween!!!

And yes, I know I’ve been slacking off and that the second installment of ‘Guerrilla Photography 101’ is long over due. It’s in my drafts. Things have been rather busy back at the office and often times when I get home, I’m just about ready to hit the sack. So, after a quick and rather disconcerting stroll through danbooru’s archives, I give you this year’s THT Halloween Special. Enjoy!

And now if you’ll excuse me as I continue my download of High School of the Dead in Blue-ray so I have something to marathon for the season’s weekend. ‘Ecchi’-D horror anime anyone? Perhaps after finishing that, I can elaborate more on how the series would have sounded had it been written by Jane Austen.



  1. that’s cool & i started my weekly post too!! T.Y for you…happy halloween in advance ^Y^

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