Thigh High Thursday – 2010Oct07

Interesting facts for OCTOBER 2010 – only happens once every 555 years We are making trivial history: We will have 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays which means 5 weekends!! And this Sunday’s calendar date will be 10-10-10, Lucky Day! Especially lucky in Chinese Feng Shui. Or so they say.

But I am not here to bring luck but some cheer to the upcoming weekend. So here ya go. And front lining it, we got a rather delicious sampling of shiny, fleshy thighs for this week’s selection thigh highs. Yes, THT Idol Edition is back for this month, and we’ve got the perfect 10, Mai Nishida front lining it.

And with that rotund posterior kicking things off, might I suggest getting some tissues handy for imminent droolage. Enjoy!

And now I highly recommend you get yourself a mop and start cleaning up that pool under neath your desk.

Blog notes: I was hoping I could find some pics of girls in Drindl’s what with Oktoberfest coming into full swing. Unfortunately, there weren’t that many. But if you must, just google ‘Salma Hayek Drindl’ to give you an idea what I’m yapping about.

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