Thigh High Thursday 16Sept2010

Welcome to another serving of the Dollfie Dream Edition of this blogs weekly contribution of senseless entertainment to the interwebs.

While it might not be for everyone, dolls have definitely become genre all their own for collectors much like the die-cast car collections and the custom vinyl toys.  And what makes dolls so special is that after they’ve been “adopted”, all the while being a basic character created by the manufacturer, or a limited edition based on a fictional character or person in real life, they get a personality all their own, thanks to the limitless boundaries in customizing them.  In fact, they can be so diverse that the characteristics bestowed upon them by their owners-cum-creators/parents reflect that of their own.

So, in this week’s serving, join me as I try to diversify and show just some of the dolls which have struck me as having developed their own personalities as presented by their adopted parents.

:: Haruna time ::First up we have Mr. MVP‘s Haruna. She strikes me as the popular girl on the street all the while being a very approachable and friendly one.  Someone mentioned that she was like a pop idol or some sort of TV star.  Either way, she looks like the kinda girl who knows how to have good clean fun.

Indianapolis Doll Meet up! Moiraine Rin and Yui! 08-07-2010Here we’ve got the lovely duo of Morraine Rin and Yui, belonging to Tsun-chan and Anonymousobject. Together they look like they’re best buds and good gal pals. Quite contrasting with Rin looking like the preppy mature one and Yui the adventurous wild child.

Lightroom~This playful looking girl is Motoko Yamamoto’s. Effortlessly playful and cheerful that would look like she could pick up anyone’s downtime just by being around her.

Edit: Apparently, Motoko made the lovely lady above from scratch based on a DD-H04, which I mistook for Yoko. Sorry about the confusion.

DSCF0693Intelligence, curiosity, all the while being shy, quiet and reserved with her actions. That is what my first impression of Haku1923‘s silvery haired Mio.

Gothic Lolita & AlcoholKotetsu-chan‘s girl is just exuding personality. She looks like the kind of girl who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. She knows how to party.

Saber needs no introductions, but Wolfheinrich‘s Saber looks like she’s got the attitude and confidence that just fills the room. Much like how Rin really is as we can see from Hololo’s re-enactment of one of her shots in her photoboook.

IMG_7058elAnd rounding out this week’s rather limited selection One of the more recent girls and yet quickly rising thru the ranks of popularity.

Kawaii Aki chan <3Yuki Morikawa from White Album was an up and coming J-pop idol who’s blazing thru the charts on her way to stardom.  All the while she retains her simple and subdued girl next door attitude. Chun shows her off here as though she’s comfortable at home while being able to actively socialize with her closests friends.

Well that’s it from me this week, hope you guys enjoyed the little insights I had. I’m curious as to what portraits other DD owners would come up with that would capture the personality that they had infused with their musume’s.



      1. I’m not Nina :p I’m Kuraikawai, or Kit-kat (as tsunamidelta calls me xD) or Nia and Sakura-chan’s mommy xD
        I hope I can make some new TH shoots for the next post :)) I think it could be Sakura’s debut!

  1. Thanks for picking up Aki (my yuki)’s photo XD I was contemplating on sending you but wanted to take better pix first lol but glad U like that one to show case on THT :3

  2. found this site through Wolf’s tweet^^; I didn’t know my daughter was featured here but thanks!!

  3. Awww.. I love the weekly helping of Thigh highs.. but I especially love the grand dish of Dollfie Thigh Highs ^_^ Always a pleasure feasting with you Coff.

    And like I told ya, every photo shoot I do.. I try to get at least one Thigh high shot for you sir… (And me..I won’t lie)

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