Gravure Idol Kusugawa Sasara

Picked up a checked blue gingham Bikini from Puppy52. Fits Dollfie Dream Dynamite and Dollfie Dream II bodies.  Here’s a photo set featuring Sasara in the bikini.  Tried to go for something like a gravure idol atmosphere like that you’d see over at RCA.

hope you like. =D

Most of these shots can be found on my deviantART account.

Sasara has this very captivating gaze

Those posted on deviantART are also available for purchase as poster/prints from the deviantART printshop.

Are you up yet?

And of course, an obligatory wallpaper for the set.

And that’s it. Hope you enjoyed this little attempt of mine in “gravure” photography. Props to Sasara, Such a trooper!

And here's the director of the shoot.

In a few months time, we can hopefully have our first celebrity model.



  1. Good evening,
    I send you this message because I seek by all the Dollfie Dream Kusugawa Sasara for my daughter who is very sick it is his favorite I tried the search but I can not find it so I could ask you sell me your dollfie dream kusugawa Sasara?
    I beg you been my last resort.

    1. Hi , Pardon the late reply. I am sorry to hear about your daughter’s condition. Perhaps you can try The owner of the shop is very easy to communicate with and should be able to provide you some assistance.

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