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Thigh High Thursday – 2010Sept23

Following up on the “Guerilla Photography 101” post of mine, I figured I’d theme this week’s selection with Thigh highs and cameras. Headlining this week is none other Gensokyou’s number one paparazza, Shumeimaru Aya. Who also recently got announced as the next Touhou character to get the figma treatment!

Gensokyou's Number one Paparazzi!

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Guerilla Photography 101

As I’ve  previously mentioned in a post. I may have an entry level DSLR but I don’t have the fancy flash heads, mega-watt lighting equipment and uber lenses to take my photos. I make do with what I have. But most importantly, I read up and took time to practice what basic knowledge I knew about taking photos and worked my way from there.  With that in mind, I’d like to share what stuff I’ve found out that has aided me in taking my humble photos. And these are things that you could do with any average point and shoot digital camera these days. Continue reading

Thigh High Thursday 16Sept2010

Welcome to another serving of the Dollfie Dream Edition of this blogs weekly contribution of senseless entertainment to the interwebs.

While it might not be for everyone, dolls have definitely become genre all their own for collectors much like the die-cast car collections and the custom vinyl toys.  And what makes dolls so special is that after they’ve been “adopted”, all the while being a basic character created by the manufacturer, or a limited edition based on a fictional character or person in real life, they get a personality all their own, thanks to the limitless boundaries in customizing them.  In fact, they can be so diverse that the characteristics bestowed upon them by their owners-cum-creators/parents reflect that of their own.

So, in this week’s serving, join me as I try to diversify and show just some of the dolls which have struck me as having developed their own personalities as presented by their adopted parents.

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Thigh High Thursday – 2010Sept09

Happy Cirno Day~! Yeah.. I’ve run out of proper catch phrases.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Rin demands another photo shoot with Sasara.

Gravure Idol Kusugawa Sasara

Picked up a checked blue gingham Bikini from Puppy52. Fits Dollfie Dream Dynamite and Dollfie Dream II bodies.  Here’s a photo set featuring Sasara in the bikini.  Tried to go for something like a gravure idol atmosphere like that you’d see over at RCA.

hope you like. =D

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Thigh High Thursday – 2010Sept02

Welcome to the Church of Zettai Ryouiki!!

Where thigh highs are the covenant. And so I will leave you to have moment to contemplate.

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