Thigh High Thursday – 19Aug2010

I’m trying to find of a nice topic (read:excuse) to put up for this weeks Thigh High Thursday which is supposed to be featuring Dollfie Dreams. Then again I just thought.. “What the heck.” I’ll just let Rin usher in this week’s round of vinyl thighs under some of the best looking over knee socks this side of the hobby world, as seen through the eyes  of some of the better if not the best folks I know this side of the lens. So enjoy.

Remember to visit these folks’ blogs, deviantpages and flickr streams. Check em out on my blogroll folks.

All images are copyright of each person. Any unauthorized reproduction or us of these images are not allowed unless with explicit permission from the respective owners.

Rip my pictures off and you’ll be counting less than 10 with your hands.



  1. Nice & gonna link it “sa kabila” at least they miss something about DD when puchi blurb in figure.FM got destroyed,leave it to me ^Y^

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