Random Updates – 2010 August

*A wild Konata neko appears

Seeing as there isn’t much going on in the local convention scene lately (more like I haven’t been able to attend any recently) and with the toys and news released on the last Summer WonFes properly covered and blogged in various sites, I thought I’d just pester you folks with some random updates on what this Otarii-man Vader has been doing lately.

Konata keeps me entertained in the office along with several Nendo’s and figmas that have found their way into my bag.  Here she is on the day of her arrival. Mugi has that look on her face again. Perhaps, I should make another version of my “Expressions” photo piece that I featured previously.  These guys would be the Happy go-lucky bunch as opposed to the angry mob.

Expressions: "Yukkuri shite ite ne~"

As some of you who know me personally, Saturday evenings are reserved for the family. We all go out to dinner at the same place every time. Recently, what with the increasing concern for the environment, the establishment has been observing Earth Hour once every month. Basically they just dim the lights, turn off the music and light a small candle on the table.

While this does make for a rather lovely atmosphere, it does give a friendly reminder to the guests about the health of what is our only home. Maybe in a few more centuries, we’ll have the Death Star to call our home as well.  For now, Konata just finds the lights purdy.

Lazy Sundays are lazy. Pretty much just mucking about at the random commercial centre in the late afternoon, checking what goods the hobby and figure shops have to offer. Coffee and some late afternoon snacks with mum after she gets back from her Sunday afternoon errands. Every now and then we’d pick up some wheat dinner rolls(Pan de sal) fresh from the oven and some ‘Hopia’ or ‘Mung Bean pastries’.

This particular pastry & bake shop is always very popular and people are queuing up for their always freshly made hopia. Hopia is like a Chinese version of a puff pastry with either sweet Mung bean paste, purple yam and sometimes even pork.

It’s also entertaining to watch them make the Hopia. Flipping them over once in a while, as you wait for your turn at the cashier. So if you’re lucky, you get them piping hot and fresh from that hot grill.

Here’s the same pastry only they made them in to bite sized cubes. Gotta be pretty impressed with the guy making these.

Also picked up a 1/48 scale plastic model kit of a Supermarine Spitfire for my monthly plamo/gunpla build. Thought I could use a bit change from the usual Gundam and Armored Core kits that I’m putting together.

Aircraft model kits aren’t anything new for me really. It’s actually what got me started into the plamo scene.  I remember putting together my first one back in the early 90’s. It was a 1/48 scale model of an F-14B Tomcat by Academy. I blame Top Gun for that. I’ll be documenting this progress for me to keep track of how much I’ve learned in the years I’ve been getting my hands glued and painted.

Lastly, Random photo of the girls.



  1. That uniform,it reminds me of my part time job..anyway is that from “bakery’s fair”? they do some hopia too ^Y^

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