Whole Hawaiian Kona Coffee beans

If you will pardon my lack of recent posts, I can now proudly cross off one item on my bucket list yet again. I have spent good money on my coffee addiction and this has to eb the most I have indulged in it yet that I have to blog about this personal milestone.

I bought a bag of whole Hawaiian Kona coffee beans. *Cries euphoric tears*

Regarded as top tier coffee by coffee experts the world over, Most batches of Kona coffee have a medium body with floral aromas and light acidity and hints of sweetness. Better batches of Kona are typically richer with a distinctive, but not overpowering acidity and a medium body[5](source: Coffee wiki)

Yes, Konata Kitsune is very happy.  Sharing namesake as one of the most valued coffee beans around.  Hmm.. perhaps I can start my own plantation and call it ‘Kona~ta’ coffee. I don’t mind paying royalties for licensing Lucky star products but hey, if it means I get to indulge in what I like, I wouldn’t mind.

Also it’s been raining like mad lately every afternoon.  I just hope that we don’t get the same amount of rainfall here in my neck of the woods similar to what we’ve seen during “Ondoy’s” onslaught, which left half the city underwater and without power a year ago.  I don’t need a pool in my roof deck let alone a waterfall for a stairwell.  Why can’t it rain where its needed; up north where the dams are.

Also, I guess you can call it a blogging milestone, seems like my entry about “Highschool of the Dead” proved to be quite popular.  Seems like a lot of people are very interested in what Japan’s rendition of a zombie apocalypse would be.  I for one wouldn’t mind. Heck, I think I may have talked a friend into cosplaying as the lead heroine.


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