Thigh High Thursday – 22 July 2010

With thigh highs now comfortably settled in as a moe artefact as  much as it is in the International fashion limelight, where there is fame there will be admirers, fans and advocates.  The visual media has nicely grasped this powerful attention magnet, It only made sense that merchandise manufacturers would tap into its charisma.  Not long after, Figure companies were rolling out merchandise of the characters not only as they were seen on the shows and pages of their mangas and artbooks but are also rolling out reimagined versions that are exclusively released figure versions.  Fans could only helplessly fork over their hard earned cash as they queued up for these goods.

However, despite the trend, figure manufacturers and sculptors could only dish out so many thigh high clad figures that those of very discerning tastes could still not be satisfied.  It was only inevitable that what some regard to be the best representation of 2 dimensional cell shaded characters would follow suit; Armature dolls.

Though coming fully decked out in clothing as they appeared in their respective manga’s and anime series, much like any ball-jointed doll out there, they are still fully customizable and can be styled by their owners as per their preferences.  And by the looks of things, the spirit of Zettai Ryouiki is strong in a lot of them.

While the companies were taking their time in rolling out these fashion accessories, crafty individuals started making their own as they wanted further customization of their so-called “musumes”.

It wasn’t long until those who were capable of making batches started becoming enterprising and released their own line of limited clothing for these 1/3 scale dolls.  Where the fashion world had their Bebe’s, Versace’s and Uniqlo’s; the doll scene had Ageha Design, Nightfallwalker and Puppy52.

And thus, thigh high fandom has come full circle; from a fashion trend to a moe trope, and into figure design and back to doll fashion. Thigh highs have come into their own.


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