2010July15 – Thigh High Thursday

Prophet of Zettai Ryouiki: Tohsaka Rin – Fate/Stay Night

Well with introductions out of the way, let me give you a sampler of what’s been covered previously on my Thigh High Thursday posts.  While they may not have been the originators, Anime/Manga most certainly propagated, if not started, the trend. There’s the usual suspects, namely the icons of Zettai Ryouiki.

Probably one character who brought much of the attention Thigh high fashion is enjoying these days is “Fate/Stay Night’s” Tohsaka Rin.  And along with her deadly Zettai Ryouiki, she may have also brought to the spotlight Twin-tail hair styles and made tsundere behaviour highly desirable.  A triple-hit “moe” attack if you will.

Fiery Kousaka Tamaki from To Heart

Much like Rin, another well known triple hitter would be Kousaka Tamaki of the “To Heart” series.  For those unfamiliar with the title, To Heart is a very popular visual novel game that started on the PC which later spawned several game sequels and later on an anime series.  Albeit following the same trend, Fate/Stay Night enjoyed better recognition with its anime series.

Among other notable anime/manga characters who sport thigh highs as part of their daily wear would include Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, Tordora’s Aisaka Taiga, and most recently Bakemonogatari’s Senjougahara Hitagi.

Thigh highs are very much a staple of of the fashion scene and should come as no surprise that gravure idols of fashion conscious Tokyo, sport them be it on fashion shoots or for everyday wear.  However the brightly colored thigh highs you’d see commonly on our cel shaded idols are quite rare.  Ladies of the real world are more akin to wearing the sheer or nylon lingerie cousins of thigh highs.  While much less catering to moe and more to sexy, they pretty much have the same effect.  But what if a gravure idol were to don a proper brightly colored, opaque thigh high sock; I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

In all likelihood, the chances we’d see a 3 dimensional flesh and blood girl wearing thigh highs are next to nil.  Aside from gravure idol photo books, the best chance you’d see them with your own eyes would be at cosplay centric conventions or the promo girls at auto shows.  In public, you’d have more of a chance at spotting Waldo at a Starbucks.

Seeing as how thigh highs were garnering more attention than one would have predicted, it wasn’t long till anime and manga merchandisers took notice of it.  Soon figures, and game characters are being seen sporting them.  Then came the latest and what could be the closest thing one can get to having their anime and manga dream girls come to life; 1/3 scale armature dolls.  While there are several manufacturers releasing dolls based on anime characters, it is probably Volks’ Dollfie Dream line who are the most popular of them.  I’ll delve more into this on the next installment of THT, till next time folks.

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