Thigh High Thursday

“Still relatively unknown to the local fashion scene, lies an incredibly deadly heaven-drilling wear… Just a quick glance of a girl equipped with Zettai Ryouiki can set the hearts of many on fire, ranging from your usual otaku to the president of the USA… With this, you will be able to rule the world (especially Singapore) and nobody will understand why they are so insanely attracted to you. — A Singaporean otaku”

At around mid 2008, over at, I started a weekly series, Monday Moe Musume (M-3). There I featured various topics which centered mostly on so called “Moe artefacts”. This ranged from character traits, social status and articles of clothing.   Reception was varied and it was interesting to read the comments.  From the insightful and those providing supporting information to the oft meme “OMGWTFBBQNOSEBLEEDS!!”

One feature however stood out above the rest, Zettai Ryuoiki.  Literally translated, it means Absolute Territory as taken from the anime series Shin Seiki Evangelion, ( Neon Genesis Evangelion). In the series, the AT Field as it was called, referred to a sort of psychic or energy based barrier which can repel almost any attack in the immediate vicinity it surrounds.  The Zettai Ryouiki that I covered was more of a fashion article and far deviated from it’s original meaning. Frankly, the development of the term is quite vague to me.  All I know was that it struck a fancy (read:fetish) in me and it had me by the balls ever since.  To those uneducated readers, here’s Wikipedia to fill you in.

“Zettai Ryōiki (絶対領域) (lit. Absolute Area/Domain/Region/Territory) is an anime/manga related term for describing the area of bare skin exposed on the thighs between the skirt and socks for female characters.” – Wikipedia

With that out of the way, there was one thing that brought Zettai Ryouiki to the levels of infamy it receives today; the Thigh High.

Yet another wiki attack:

“Hold-ups or stay-ups (in the USA also referred to as thigh highs) are stockings with a band of elastic sewn to the top, designed to hold the stockings up when worn, without the need for a garter belt or garters.” – Wikipedia

Initially designed with practicality in mind, intrepid fashionistas paired thigh high socks with a mini skirt and, voila, we have that is today a fashion enigma comparable to wardrobe malfunctions such as nip slips or , and panty flashes, but without an actual malfunction Taking place.  Some have even gone so far as computed the ideal ratio for the perfect Zettai Ryouiki.

“In fact, zettai ryouiki has become a science. According to Hatena Diary, the golden ratio for the ultimate zettai ryouiki is 4:1:2.5 (length of skirt : zettai ryouiki : length of socks above knee) and the acceptable margin for error is ±25%. The ratios are generally off because it is thought that the ultimate zettai ryouiki would generate so much moé that the equivalent energy would be enough to vaporize the planet.” – DarkMirage

One such 2D individual has raised the zettai ryouiki to epic proportions by combining 3 of the most revered moe traits that she has been deemed the Prophet of Zettai Ryouiki; Fate Stay/night’s Tohsaka Rin.

Moving on, and having deduced that the appeal of a proper Zettai Ryouiki is mainly attributed to a Thigh high/over knee socks/ stockings, I decided to do, at first a one off special or shrine so to speak for 2D anime girls sporting the said article of clothing.  And thus Thigh High Thursday(THT) was born.

Fast forward to September 2009,’s member posts were migrated over to sister site Figure.FM. Although previous posts were lost, the current platform allowed us to post multiple pictures on a single post.  At first Monday Moe Musume resumed and this time being to better ably share examples of the featured trope.  However, as time passed, my work obligations were becoming heavier and M-3 being more sporadic as topics for me to cover were becoming more difficult to find resources for.  To cover the loss of M-3, I revived THT in October of 2009, but not just as a supplement for M-3 but as a replacement for my weekly contributions of cell shaded goodness for the community.

Up until recently, THT has been receiving a steady stream of supporters.  Dare I say that it has grown to be one of, if not the most anticipated weekly member contribution in the Figure.FM community with 2 posts garnering nearly 20,000 page hits to date.  It’s popularity has had me greatly humbled that as a show of thanks and to share with others who aren’t so much inclined with 2D anime girls, and to simply add variety, I decided to dedicate one Thursday of each month as sort of a special edition, starting of with Japanese/Asian Fashion idols modeling thigh high socks and stockings.  The first THT Idol edition came up at the start of 2010.

Also to show my support for the growing community of Dollfie Dream owners on the site, I thought I’d dedicate another Thursday of the month to them.  With the support of the Dollfie Dream Community and other ABJD owners of Figure. FM, we pooled together from that month’s photos of everyone’s musumes, picked the best and showcased them on THT Dollfie Dream edition. Such was the support for the project that 2 THT posts were put up for it’s launch and an encore was put up the following day. However certain events have brought upon the abrupt end to the series and the last post was the 6th issue of THT Dollfie Dream edition on June 17 of 2010

I have to say that it has been quite a humbling experience to just be able to share a personal preference in fashion with people and be received with such a thundering response. What was initially conceived as my contribution for a community of individuals sharing similar hobies and interest in Japanese Culture, I never thought that sharing a few pictures  I took, be it from the annals of the internet or with my DSLR, would have such a cult following. After a year of maintaining a blog and as I settle in to the blogging sphere, I think it’s good practice to have something that’ll  keep myself, as a blogger, active in the trends by having a scheduled weekly post.  With that being said, get those towels ready and place your orders for blood transfusions, Thigh High Thursdays is home.


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