Nozomi Sasaki Singing Debut

And so it is..

Nozomi Sasaki, uber-cuteness-fashion-idol-you-can-proudly-bring-home-to-your-mom, has decided to jump in on the “singing gravure idol” craze that seems to be happening all around the world.

Just like Leah Dizon, one who may have most prominently been earliest on the train, Nozomi will be releasing her debut album come July and expect to see her first singles crop up on the interwebz as early as the last week of June.

While I am egregiously crushing on her, and in the few instances I’ve heard her demure soft spoken voice, I’m still on the fence about her singing career. So let’s all just wait what she’ll have for us in in a months time and let’s give her a shot at crooning.

And to Nozomi-chan; in case your singing doesn’t work out, we’ll still love you. Just keep up with the photobooks and the quirky Lotte ads rolling.

News from Japan Today via


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