Gaming Musumes pt 2

So, after a rather uneventful lazy Sunday whereas I ended up heading to the barber after working on some articles and stuff thereby preventing any possibility of picking up my Figma Marisa from a friend who recently arrived from Japan.

Meanwhile, the girls thought they expand on their gaming activities since the last time.

"Letsa Go~!"

So while I toiled away on me write ups, I thought I’d let the girls loose on the Wii. Their game of choice; Mario Kart Wii. This ought to be good.


Apparently, there are those who do tilt their heads along when playing racing games.


And so it was.


Hmmm… Yes, as expected, Mikuru can be quite slow at times.

"Hard left~!"
"Eh toooh?"

Hmm.. I guess Sasara should stick to less strenuous games like Nintendogs or Cooking mama.



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