Gaming Musumes

Last weekend, during my trips to the local mall, I stumbled upon some rather fascinating keychains being sold at one of my usual gadget shops. While one would normally find, varying shaped keychains, a PSP and a Nintendo DSi was something I wasn’t expecting. Even more interesting so, they looked just about 1/3 – 1/4 scale. Of course I had to get them.

And so, my girls wasted no time in getting down with their gaming. Rin got a bit too enthusiastic though.

Game Start!



Seems like Sasara decided that playing games with Rin is a little too hazardous for her health.



  1. LOL, Dunno why i play like rin ^^;
    even more if its a racing game 😛 I turn the head like if i was really driving 😀
    BTW, what was she playing??

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