Guerilla Photography

Churuya and coffee

It’s very inspiring to see that at toycollectors.da, a group I moderate on is thriving with us averaging 3-5 photo submissions a day.  It’s also quite nice to see how some of our fellow toy lovers/collectors who are less experienced in photography are having their creative noodles stirred.  It is as I pointed out to a slightly intimidated member of ours recently; it isn’t in the camera gear or equipment that we have but in the creativity and the discerning eye of the one who wields it.  My advise, don’t be afraid to experiment with angles and lighting.

I’m not sure if the other more experienced photographers around here are familiar with the term “Guerrilla Photography”.  It is something that myself and winterheimhdd exercise with conviction.  Make the best out of what you have and if it falls short, improvise.  Take for example lighting. it is one of the trickiest things one has to master let alone be able to get around of.  One might say, “Too dark? just use a flash.” while that initially solves the problem of light, it can also flood your subject with light thereby resulting in a photo with a hardly recognizable glob of lines for a subject awash in white light.  Not a lot of people have access to a Nissin Di622 Speedlite with an umbrella diffuser and remote flash with a delayed strobing setup, i.e. such as myself.  So, my work around? Get a bond paper and prop it up in front of your pop-up/in-built flash and see what distance works best. Sometimes, I use my LED lamp with a piece of paper taped on it to provide additional lighting.

Another quite simple effect and quite popular among enterprising photographers is that of soft focus.  Normally this requires the use of a special lens which allows one to slide in soft focus filters.  The work around; Vaseline gel smeared lightly on a cheap UV filter.  Personally, I haven’t tried this yet but I’ve heard and seen others who have.  And all I can say is, it works.

Point is, don’t limit your creativity on focusing on your subject, but also to how you take the photo.  It is as they say, it isn’t always about the destination that we look forward to but how we get there.  So, here’s a challenge to you guys out there.  I’m putting up a new folder called “pock shots”. Upload there your best photos of your lovely collections with out the use of DSLR’s.  In the description, put in what your setup; i.e. flash light for lighting, styro-foam board for reflecting light,  screen mesh to make a grainy effect, or the broken bottom of a coke bottle to achieve a faux-lomo effect. This is by no means a contest but a challenge to your creativity.  Who knows, we might get learn some stuff that make us go.. “Now why didn’t I think of that!”.

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