DD Sized Mini Skirts?


Originally uploaded by coffeebugg

During the last Ozine fest, at the retailer area, I came across this table  that sold Gothic Lolita accessories such as chokers and cuffs. First thing that came to mind was “Hey, these could probably work as dollfie mini skirts. So, yeah, as the sight of Lord Vader checking out “gosurori” trinkets arouses curiosity, I thought I’d inquire and properly ask the lovely ladies, Nuni and Lyra(?) ,watching over the table about the said items. Interestingly, they found the idea amusing enough that when I asked them about making 1/3 scale BJD clothes, they consider it might be a possibility.

Go check out their online shop: PrettyOddity@multiply.com

So, as you can see here on the picture, Mikuru sporting one of the said chokers.  It is rather loose for her but the leather laces can be wrapped around to keep them up.  I’ve yet to try them on Sasara, but I’m thinking they might fit her better.  Perhaps with a bit of adjusting , it should make a perfect fit for DDII type bodies.

Edit: So I tried the other choker on Sasara. It’s still a bit loose but not as much as it is on Mikuru.



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