MG 1/100 Musha Gundam MK-2

You may all remember the 1/100 MG Shin Musha Gundam from the game Gundam Musou Special which was released by Bandai a bout a year and a half ago. It was big bad and red with lotsa gold bling on it’s armor. It was earth shakingly awesome.

Now what could be better than a Gundam clad in Japanese Samurai armor wielding Naginatas and Katanas, slicing and dicing through mass produced units?

Why, a Mark II of course!

And that’s just what Bandai did. And it’s now up for preorder over at Amiami and is due out for release sometime May.

It’s shares the same colors as the Titan’s RX-178 MkII.  And I like it.

First pictures cropped up on the interwebs on blogs such as ngeekhiong and Winterheim.

Admittedly it doesn’t have as much bling nor does it have that awesome trident spear, but that menacing dark color scheme and the horns are more than reason enough for me to want it.

And just like its predecessor, it comes equipped with 2 katanas and a spear. However, to make up for the loss of the trident spear, this monster carries a much larger beam rifle with equally well done gold trim.

Speaking of the gold trim, that’s probably the only thing that worries me. I hope to god it isn’t those god awful foil stickers like the one that came with the Sinanju.  If anyone who has the first MG Musha can tell me if it comes with gold painted parts or the ugly gold foil stickers, I’d really appreciate the info.

Besides that, I guess we’ll find out after I get I pick this bad ass mo’fo in the coming months.  Though I feel I won’t be preordering this one online.  As it is, I already have a long enough queue of online pre-orders.

So, who else has been lured into the dark side with this bone crusher of a masterpiece?


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