Earth Hour

Tokyo Tower during Earth Hour

Earth Hour has come and gone.  Major cities around the world took part as they shut down lights for an hour as a call for action to climate change.  Now, while the message is there, some may still not get what the hoopla is and the whole event would otherwise be over shadowed by sensationalism.  Thing is, nations are asking for action and we needed witnesses.  Bloggers, photographers and media in general have all but certainly made sure everyone knew what’s going on so that even the uninitiated, ignorant as well as those who just didn’t care, knew that something was happening and they needed to be part of it.

Well, here’s my bit.  The hour between 2030h to 2130h of March 27th, self imposed black outs through out cities around the world showed a side of buzzing metropolises we never would have imagined we’d see. Or at least we don’t get to see often. The eerie sensation one feels as we get to see usually brightly lit international landmarks  go dark, delivering a message we hope to change and never see in ours or in our grand-childrens and their grand children’s lifetime.

Central, Hong Kong, Before and During Earth Hour.
Earth Hour in Hong Kong

Earth Hour Manila. Before and During
The Bird's Nest In China During Earth Hour
Bird's Nest in China during Earth Hour

Sydeney Opera house
Earth Hour Singapore
Earth Hour Tokyo Tower
Earth Hour at the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx
Earth Hour at the London Eye
IMG_4026 copy
My little girls taking part during Earth Hour

Personally, I’m a bit skeptical as to what this whole earth hour thing can do, but hey, if it’s for the environment why the hell not. C’mon, I don’t the think we’ll have Space Colonies or SDF-1’s shooting out of space to go forth and find other suitable habitat’s for us anytime soon.


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