News.. News.. News…

Distressing news from the office. The office vending machine seems to have broken down recently.

I hope Heather will be OK, whoever the hell she is. Otherwise, as Winterheim said, she should have been aborted to save herself the headache.

Drossie is not impressed. She wants her coffee NAO!

In other news, Figma and Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter goes up for pre-order today.

Meanwhile, for those of you who plan on getting Figma BRS, you’d might want to get one of these American styled Motorcycles.  Now available for pre-order at HLJ.

And here’s a bit of news for Dollfie fans, Volks Inc.’s  Home town Dollpa Kyoto 7 After Event (Whew, that’s a mouthful) has just updated with available exclusives. Lottery starts at March 26, 5 pm Japan time.  Them maid uniforms have piqued my interested but I’m still a bit on the fence about getting them, what with the stuff I have lined up on pre-orders, I may just have to commission Natalie of Dollfie World to get them for me at another time.


And lastly, I have defenestrated myself into twitter and am now also a twittah-shittah.


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  1. Wahaha gonna get those BRS figma & nendoroid. btw, please change my address from to thanks.

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