Figure news

And so, the Figma Azusa Nakano of K-on has just gone up on pre-order today and is currently available at your favorite online shops.  She comes with her Fender Mustang as seen in the series as well as a Neko-mimi head band which can fit the other K-on girls. Due out to be released in August.Also fresh up on the pre-order list is Figma Saber Alter from Fate Hollow /Atraxia.  Comes with the dark excalibur sword as well as her mask.  I’m hoping that her gothic-lolita outfit version also comes out.

Now next up on the figma production line seems to be the third one from the Touhou Project.  Izayoi Sakuya, battle maid of the Scarlett Devil Mansion is now in the deco-master phase.  Chances are she’s also going to be a Japan only exclusive so I’m counting on Tokyo hunter to deliver the goods yet again.

While we’re on the subject of Touhou goods. Guess who’s getting the next Nendo treatment after Izayoi Sakuya.  None other than the Scarlett Devil herself, Remilia Scarlett.

Still on the Touhou figure news, Touhou Puchi Nendoroids are already up for pre-order over at Tokyo Hunter.  The set inclu des Reimu, Suika and Aya.  Reimu’s Donation box also comes with along with the display base.

Here’s something for you BRS Fans. What could be the production models of Nendoroid and Figma Black Rock Shooter have been shown to the public in a recent small event for figure manufacturersAlong side them, is the Final painted model of BRS Anime version by Good Smile Company.

And finally, here’s what seems to be a sneak peek at what seems to be a Revoltech  Vash the Stampede from Trigun.


Now here’a  BIT of a rant.  This post of seemingly simple photos and some bits of text took me roughly an hour to fix because as it seems, Blogspot’s layout script is harken back from the medieval ages. I don’t remember having this much of a migraine using MS Frontpage ’98 where it is a pretty simple WYSWYG format and layout.  Also, the back end seems to still have been optimized for 640×480 even when your templates are already showing on a 1280×700 format.  What do you get? your pics are all in these odd places.  Currently I’m looking for a web editing program much like Dreamweaver or Frontpage which blogger would accept, and based on my research, I haven’t seen anything that this little porta potty in the net would accept. So, what gives google, ye who is at the forefront of interwebz technology and online tools.

Quite frankly. WordPress seems to be looking promising.


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