Gundam UC episode 1

I’ll make this brief.

The Day of the Unicorn has arrived.

So, Gundam UC started airing the other day and I managed to grab the first subbed piece that was out early morning the next day. All I can say was.. it gave me goose bumps… *cries manly tears*.  The fight scenes were how I remember a Gundam fight were and should always be. None of them beam spamming and whiny emo pilots.

Although for those who seen previous Gundam Series; will somewhat call the circumstances of how he got the RX-0 cliched, as a friend mentioned.  Also, many bits and bobs in the first episode will bring in nostalgia to some, especially to those who are very familiar with the Zeta Arc.  Cameos from a few familiar faces dot the episode as well.

And lastly.. the mechas… oh how can I not mention the mechas.  METAL PRON!  Kshatriya is an effin’ monster. And with a VERY capable pilot at it’s helm, it wreaks havoc against any squad of cannon fodders.  Heck, damn thing even tore through a couple of Z’s like they were frickin GM’s. Lovely bits if I do say so myself.  And the Unicorn itself? well, I guess we’ll have to see it at its first outing with it’s “chosen” pilot.

I can’t wait for the next episode.. and so aptly titled for the second coming of the UC timeline; RED COMET.


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