Gundam UC

UC Gundam timeline fans, REJOICE!! Gundam Unicorn Hasshin! The aptly titled Gundam UC will begin airing on February 20th. At last we get to have our fix of what could be the culmination of the Psycho Frame units that brought forth some of the most powerful Gundam units conceived.
Here’s the trailer.

Aside from the fast approaching Chinese New year, February is turning out to be the month of retribution for classic anime titles charging for what could be their last hurrah’s.  Late Last month saw the launch of Macross F movie, Suzumiya, and just recently, Gurren Lagann Hen came out on DVD, then there’s the Disappearance of Haruhi, now this. It’s just magnificent. Really gets me pumped to build more gunpla whenever I have the time. Speaking of Gunpla, Bandai’s also coming out with another version of the Gundam Unicorn with some slight redesigns to improve articulation and a nice display base/cage. has some nice photos of it.

I guess with moe-blob animes have reached their peak and it’s time for the quality anime to shine again.  It’s either that or it’s the ero-moe’s turn for the spotlight.  Seikon no Qwaser anyone?  How about that loli-vampire anime, Dance in the Vampire Bund?  Either way, this season’s anime are somewhat hopeful, for me at least, but then again it’s too early to judge.

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  1. Wooh~! Unicorn! I can't wait to see how the series pans out. The animation is awesome and I've always loved the UC timeline. This is what Real Robot action is all about.I'm considering getting the SP version just for the cage.

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