Lord Vader pays a visit to a maid cafe

Ozine recently held the years first Anime/gaming convention for the year, Otaku Expo, at the SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall B. One of the event’s highlights was a Maid Cafe.

Lord Vader is proud to say that he enjoyed his stay and that his server, Zelly, did an excellent job for someone who was in her first foray in being a maid in a maid cafe. Very accommodating young lass and seemed like she was really enjoying what she was doing. Kudos to her. I’d also like to extend my apologies to her as well, as it seems that she got startled when I walked in. Did I mention she could wiggle her elf ears?

During my time at the maid cafe, I found out that though it wasn’t her first time to cosplay, it was her first time serving at a maid cafe.  She auditioned for it with the thought of just having fun while doing it, and it did seem like she was having the time of her life. When I asked how she reacted when I entered the venue, it was a mixture of utter surprise and awe. I’m glad she got a good kick out of it. I hope her fellow maids and butlers did too.  I guess you might say that my popping up for a visit was just the icing on the cake for her stint.  I look forward to her service in the future.

Of course, what’s a visit to a maid cafe without having your pic taken with your assigned maid.  Zelly, with her petite stature, her wiggly elf ears, and child like voice, looked very much the part of an elf what with standing beside my rather, uh, immense figure.  Oh yes, just as we were about to have our photo taken, a familiar voice called out.  Apparently my Sith lord stealthiness were no match to blackmage Alodia’s Seer abilities.  Seeing as how busy she seemed, what with the mile long queue outside the venue, I threw a wave and a quirky smile (if she saw that from under my helmet, I’d just be damn impressed.)

Photo was taken and headed back to my table.  Zelly kept me company at my table as I awaited for my order. No, I did not order for a penne ala arrabiata nor did she enforce that I needed a tray for it. Pretty much talked about how she got in to the maid cafe thingy, her previous cosplays (you shoulda seen her cosplay pics, very cute), and how she felt when she got on to the cosplay and maid cafe gig.  I guess you can say that it was an impromptu interview. =P Oh I can’t forget about the food, the food wasn’t bad at all.  It wasn’t gourmet food but it was tasty and filling (MOAR BROWNIES!).  We continued chatting for while longer, at least until I felt my food had gone down and that I was ready get back onto me feet.

Otaku Expo 10
Originally uploaded by Richie dela Merced

Anywho, moving a few minutes back. Half an hour more or less; I arrived at the event hall a little after 2pm and decided to go through the retailers. Same old, same old. Stopped by our local favorite figure supplier’s table, Wasabi toys to check on what’s going on. I was also on the look out for an oppai mouse pad but to no avail. Or it could just have been that I couldn’t see much from my helmet. It wasn’t only until around 3pm that I thought I’d check out the maid cafe.

And so to my amazement, there was quite a queue leading to the entrance of the cafe. I thought to myself, “Wow, business is good. Seems like maid cafe’s are quite a booming business here, something a business study to look into.” And so goes what no one would hardly expect: Darth Vader falls in queue, eagerly awaiting for his turn to enter the establishment just like any other stormtrooper or rebel scum.  Seeing a Sith Lord fall in line to get in to a maid cafe apparently wasn’t much of an everyday thing.  Passersby were taking snapshots every now and then as well as fellow people in queue. 30 or so odd minutes pass and the line barely budged. “Hmm.. must be really packed inside, wonder how them maids and butlers must  be faring.” It was then that the marshal for the venue went down the line informing guests that “This line is for those who wish to be “served” by Alodia.  Regular guests may walk right in.” Yes… I was apparently in the right line after all.  However, a voice in my head prompted me to instead go in ahead and just take in the atmosphere of how a maid cafe could be sans the hoopla of being served by our local cosplay queen; my grumbling stomach.



  1. Wow, that sounds cool.I've never been to a maid cafe, but your post was very informative and gave me an idea of what I might expect if (or when) I visit a maid cafe.BTW Nice Blog and Welcome to Blogspot. 🙂

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