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And so after a nice string of figma releases and with the first “actsta” figure off the line, Max Factory has just gone and some what ran out of ideas yet again. winterheim|hdd already gave out his gripes when news of the figma next in line was Nanoha StrikerS’ Subaru Nakajima. The same Subaru Nakajima who was just recently released as the forerunner for the ActSta line. I personally can’t comment much about the Magical Lyrical Nanoha series as I still have a ways to go on catching up to them. but for fuck’s sake.. couldn’t they have picked a different character?

Guess what figmaniacs.. choose indeed Max Factory has done, and they have heeded some calls from older series and by god, the are old. up on the figma blog are pictures of Figma Lum from Lum Urusei Yatsura. She comes with that annoying floating, fire breathing blob, ten-chan. Quite frankly, I’m not too excited with this but as far as it goes, it is quite refreshing to see a different series getting the figma treaetment.
And by the looks of it, Max Factory’s on a Rumiko Takahashi binge. Apparently they’ve also got Inu Yasha’s Kagome in line. Right in line with the recent airing of Inu Yasha Series’ finale. Well, while they’re at it, I hope they go and start making some of them violent maelstroms of the females of Ranma Nibunoichi. Ukyou!! SHAMPOO!! Heck even Ranma-chan!!! That’d be well worth the wait.
Oh, and Freeing, the people who brought them huge Haruhi Bunny figures, have been rolling out ex:rides; Figma sized rides, for quite a while now. Their first crack at it was the limited release Figma bike, which if I am not mistaken, wonfes and site exclusives. After seeing how popular they were, they rolled out their first publicly available ex:ride, VESPAS!!! =D Ordered it. Hot on it’s heels were the classic bikes. Looks nothing like the Figma bikes initially released. Next in line they had were the Street Style Set. It included a pair of roller blades, a skate board, and a moped, me thinks. All these hot rides have gone up for pre-order on Amiami and slots are quickly being snapped up. FREEing isn’t showing signs of slowing down on churning out the wheels for our figmas and have recently put up photos of Segways. No word on when it’s coming out but I’m definitely getting that.
Well that’s it for my Figmania report with that, I hope you enjoyed that shot of my over crowded figma island. =D I need more di:stages now and even more once I pick up me next batch of figmas I ordered.
Images from amiami, Figma blog


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