GSC’s supercell feat. Miku Hatsune: World is Mine PVC Figure

Good Smile Company’s Mikatan has uploaded some pics of what appears to be the production model if not the actual piece for the long awaited and overly delayed PVC figure of Miku Hatsune as drawn by artist redjuice for supercell‘s MV of World is Mine Featuring Miku Hatsune.

First got wind of it early March of 09, and was initially slated for release in September/October but got pushed back countless times. Hopefully, with pictures of it sitting beside it’s packaging, we can see it finally released. It’s still up for pre-order at your favorite online shops, though I opted to procure this one from one of our local retailers which arrives around early to mid February.

It’s designed as though one of those 3D picture frames. So we could hang this on our wall or have it stand on its own with the help of a leg that flips out at the back just like a regular picture frame.  The frame itself comes in 2 variants, the maple colored frame, pictured above, and a mahogany colored frame that which I ordered.  And if you think that the picture frame is too much for you, it seems you detach Miku from the lovely base and just have her sit on top of your monitor or on your bookshelf, pretty nifty gimmick might I say. With the numerous iterations of Miku Hatsune figures that have come out and are scheduled to come out, this is 1 of only 4 figures that have really caught my fancy.
As far as I know, there already a number of people who have placed their pre-orders in their prefered shops.  But because of the delays, I heard from my local source, many of those who did pre-order from him have already transmuted their reservation fees to other stuff and might just take their luck at acquiring her when she gets out.
Just as well, GSC is also yet to release another Vocaloid figure at around the same time, Black Rock Shooter, what is one of Miku Hatsune’s more famous spin offs from the MV and upcoming anime series of the same name.  From what I know, they’ve yet to show her with her packaging.  So I guess for those of us who’ve also pre-ordered her, we’re still waiting on the wings for what can be considered a viable release date.

*edit: thanks to kyourin and Q for the correction.

Images taken from Mikatan’s Blog and GSC


  1. @ coffeebugg:Apparently BRS *isn't* Hatsune Miku; she was made entirely independant from Miku, and someone did a song for the character with Hatsune Miku program. Due to the similarity in appearance people tend to link to two as one entity while it's not supposed to be so.

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