Fiddly Diddly: Rude Awakenings

Konata and blogging..
Originally uploaded by coffeebugg
Oissu!! Konata here to take you on an inside look at the life of figures in Coffeebugg’s Den. And so I present to Fiddly Diddly Shorts.
In this here segments, we’ll be showcasing Pock shots covering moments between fellow figures. We’ll also be covering here what ever gunpla it is that coffeebugg would so happen to be working on.
CB: Wait, whut? We’re doing work in progress entries here?
Kona: And you’ll be doing some “how-to’s” on your building methods. You need more material for your blogging as well as motivation for you to work on your build queue. Aside from that, in this here segment we’ll also be covering what interesting stuff might be arriving in the mail.
Speaking of mail, we just had something picked up from the post office the other day. So why don’t we get started on that.
Yesterday, we picked up a package from the central post office. Hmm… 4 identical figma boxes and a maidroid. This should be interesting.  But before we get ahead of our selves, time to go out for a coffee run.
Ah… good coffee always goes best with good company. Konata has her usual Chocolate Coronet, while Churuya.. I don’t know.. they didn’t serve smoked cheese where we was hanging out.
Though it seems someone got restless and decided to let herself out.
“D-sel: This is not how a Princess travels.. Someone will pay for this.

“What’s this? No welcoming party to come greet, Drossel von Fluggel?! Where are my servants?”

“What the hell are you? Are you my servant? Where’s everyone else?”

Churuya: “Nyoro~on~?”

D-sel: “Say what?”

???: Ah.. You helped yourself out I see.

D-Sel: “What the?! Where’d you come from?”

Konata: “We’ve been expecting you?  We’ll save the introductions for later.  Let’s not keep the others waiting.”

D-sel: “Who are you to tell me what, where and when to go or do.  Do you have any idea who I am. I am the 19th Lord of Uranos’ Kingdom’s Tempest Domain, Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel.”

Konata: “Izumi Konata desu, Yoroshiku!.. and this isn’t anywhere near Uranos’ Kingdom’s Tempest Domain. we really must be going.”
Konata: “And so, Drossie-chan, allow me to introduce you to our Ojou-sama.”
D-sel: “O-Ojou-sama? What is the meaning of this?”
Churuya: “Nyoro~on~?”
Konata: “Haruhi Gossujin Ojou-sama, Drossel Von Fluggel has arrived”
Haruhi: “YOSH!! Another one to join the Ranks of the SOS Dai-Kohi~Bugg-dan Figma Brigade.” “GROUP PIC!!!” “We’ll surely win every event we join now.” “Are you an alien, are there anymore like you?”
Konata: “Don’t get too excited You’ll get your chance to talk to Haruhi Gossujin Ojou-sama, but we still have to meet the others. Ah.. here comes one of them.”

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