The Month that was..10-2009

Aaah.. October is coming to a close. My, how time flies. A good number of figure and gunpla announcements and orders this month. A couple of loot arrivals and some arriving soon. Finished off a couple of model kits on my build queue. And a few funerals on the side.

Ok, on the figures and hobbies front, let’s see what we got. Nendoroids; Megurine Luka which I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve pre-ordered 2 of them, Moe-blob K-on’s Mio, Yui and Ritsu are also up for pre-order. Getting those from the local distributor. And Nendo Drossel should be arriving December or so. Ordered those online along with Nendoroid Chiaki from Minami-ke. In the Gunpla front, My eagerly awaited Master Grade version of the Victory Gundam was announced though no release date yet. Master Grade version of the Astray Blue frame 2nd L was released, I plan on getting that when it hits local shelves. Ah.. Volks recently held their Akiba after school event which saw the release of their newest Original characters (OC), Moe-chan and Natsuki. I was intending to procure Moe-chan to complete my collection of Dollfie daughters as she had the new S-bust. Unfortunately, she was sold out faster than I could guzzle down a 20 oz mug of coffee. A blessing in disguise I suppose. Ah.. and of course my recent obssesion: Figmas, lots of them coming out by the end of the month and the next. All of which I’ve pre-ordered from the local distributor, Wasabi toys. Suffice to say, I could be single handedly paying for their rent for this coming month.
Lootage! A shirt I ordered for my latest daughter, who I still haven’t made a formal profile page yet, Now has proper casual clothing courtesy of HLJ. And it arrived with some fashion apparel for myself as well as a body guard; Megahouse’ 1/8scale Aisaka Taiga from the popular series, Toradora. The moment she went up for pre-orders, I swore I wouldn’t miss it not like how I missed her Max Factory and Chara-ani versions.
Danny Choo has an ongoing competition for building Gundam Model kits. Now while I’m not really in it for the competition, I prompted myself to settling down on building one for an entry. I figured it would be a good reason to stop procrastinating on my ever increasing build queue. And bild I did, while I have seen entries going all out and modding, I thought I’d go with a clean and simple repaint. Though I had intended on throwing in some resin mods, it wouldn’t have made it in time. And as to best represent our entries, none of those half-assed pock shot photographs will do. So I thought I’d also brush up on my figure photography, and I’ve armed myself with an interesting tool I borrowed from winterheim|HDD.
Speaking of Danny Choo, I spotted this shirt on his site and it’ll be available for pre-order in the next few days. Another shirt I’m really hankering for would be this, Zettai Ryouiki shirt from J-list. he he he..
Alas it it hasn’t been all fun and games. The Japanese Music industry saw the demise of the talented Kazuhiko Katoh, composer and song writer who pretty much brought Japanese Anime music in to the mainstream. Also on a more personal note, my dear Godmother passed away due to complications and old age. May she rest in peace.


  1. You can always acquire Moe-chan in the after market, she won’t cost nearly as much as a Saber alter you know :P. This level of price inflation on the Saber alter is not sustainable, it will come crashing down as soon as Saber Lily make her debut. Do not give in to the Dollfie sharks lurking in YJA.

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