Nendroid Megurine Luka Spotted!!

My favorite vocaloid synth just got the Nendroid treatment! sweetoh!

Mikatan of Good Smile company, manufacturers of the popular Nendoroid Figure line just put up pictures of what appears to be the Production model of Nendoroid Megurine Luka.

As always, it’ll come loaded with accessories and there’s no short fall on this one.  She’s got 2 extra faces as well as spare limbs. It looks like she’s also coming with her Alter ego “Tako-Luka”!! I iz excited.!!

I see this being slated for a possible January to February release.

Meanwhile, also on figure news, I’ve managed to pre-order Nendoroids Reimu and Marisa from the Touhou Doujin games. And Just as well, Figma Reimu!! These 3 are store exclusives and was lucky enough to have been notified by fellow blogger winterheim|hdd who spotted them turning up in one of the online stores. I’m expecting them to be on the slightly more pricey side compared to regular nendoroids.



  1. @the Envoy: She’s not up for pre-order yet, but we gave a heads up to our local dealer. I’ll update soon as she’s up for Pre-order.

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