Master Grade Victory Gundam

Just spotted this over at fellow member Yunamon’s Blog.

Long time coming.. FINALLY!! A Master Grade kit of Victory Gundam; and a Version Ka at that! I still remember When I had the 1/100 HG’s of this thing. I had every single variant of it.

Stand Up To The Victory!

The Master Grade we’ve been waiting for! Seen in the recent Japan Plamodel Radicon, not much info has been released on this 1/100 MG Victory Gundam Version KA yet…
I know a lot of us are crying out loud for a MG V2 instead, but I do pretty much prefer the modest design of Victory than V2’s extravagant design…

From the looks of it… This baby will be small similar to that of 1/100 MG F91 and 1/100 MG Crossbone, and comes with its signature Beam Fan and Beam Shield armaments… X3 Full transformation gimmick included… ^_^

edit: Ngeekhiong posted up more pics of this fabulous unit.


For those interested, the line starts here.

Now, when is this coming out.. I want it NAO!!! Could this be the prelude to the next line up of Master Grade kits for Bandai. I sure hope so.

I think I just wet myself…

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  1. Before there’s lots of people who are dreading for a Victory, and when Victory is announced people are dreading for V2 (with Assault Buster) instead ^^; You are one of the few I’ve seen who is actually anticpating the Victory.

    I haven’t watched Victory yet, but it appears that Bandai is finally starting to move to Victory now for gunpla (other than the TV HG series). As for the V2, I have a very bad feeling that Bandai will be cunning in its marketing strategy of releasing Assault and Buster mode seperately. Just my thoughts though.

  2. @Q; As far as the V2 goes, it’s ok.. but I prefer the design of the V, simple and functional.

    The series itself I thought was rather dark compared to other series. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did release the assault and buster as different kits, much like how they released them then.

  3. @jacques: nice find though it seems that some of the commenters are contesting its authenticity.

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