The Month that Was..

And so another month has gone by and October has rolled in quicker than I expected. But before we look forward to what this month has in store for us, or me at least, Let’s have a look back at what happened last September.

September was a pretty busy month at the office with it being the last month of the fiscal year. Some of the bosses decided to pay us a visit and hold a meeting with which to prepare for the incoming fiscal year which starts this month of October. So, yeah.. we were quite literally chained to our desks. And I had to make the most out of every bit of time I had to myself to salvage what little scrap of sanity I am clinging on to.

To start things off, I got Gail to finally do her cosplay thingy, albeit it’s a rather simple one, it’s cosplay nonetheless. YAY!! We got to traipse around Cos-mania, with me as the usual, Otarii-man Vader, with Mikuru, and her as Jill Valentine. You can see the rest of the post here. Yeah, I be nuts that way. Also got to go to a book fair with another friend who apparently was apparently as much as a kid as I was in some sense. Though my initial intention was to catch a seminar on how to build costumes, particularly for all intents to be a fully pledged member of the local detachment of the 501st, I missed the said seminar. Ah yes, for the second year in a row, I also got to catch the Singapore Formula 1 GP. Unlike last year where I had grandstand tickets, I only got me walkabout tickets this year as I thought I’d just take in the atmosphere and pretty much explore the grounds. Unlike last year where I watched alone, I had my supe and friend, Emrys, along with his lovely fiance, CJ, who I hope I had not traumatized after seeing me gorge down 15 or so sticks of satay in one sitting. We didn’t get to take much pics but I have to say I had more fun.

Expenses.. ah yes.. it wasn’t any less cheaper considering the splurging I’ve been doing in the recent months. There’s the usual books, games and figurines. Ah, I got me my first gizmo by Apple, an 8gb iPood touch( Yes i meant to type it that way). Thanks to my dad, who despite my decision to not get much, if any, for myself while at Singapore, he saw me eyeballing it while browsing at an iStudio and told me to go get it. I would have preferred if I got me an F2.8 17-55mm lens for my camera, but that’d be asking too much for my hobbies.

Speaking of hobbies, yes.. I got me another Dollfie Dream. My third musume, Ishimaru Kusagawa Sasara from the anime, and visual novel To Heart 2. Why a third one you may ask? Let’s just say that I’m trying to get the base body variants currently available; which for me would to tally up to 5. Volks Inc, the people who make them Dollfie Dreams, have 3 base body types, one is the DD Base Body II, which initially had 2 uh.. cup size variants, an M(medium) bust which as I was told is comparable to a C cup and an L bust which is pretty much, well you get the idea. They also recently announced an S bust, which is more, uh humanly comparable to normal bust sizes. That makes 3. Sasara here, is a different sculpt altogether, so to speak. She’s a “DDDy” or Dollfie Dream Dynamite body. and as you can see, they’re just not humanly possible and are only bound by the laws of physics in the Japanese 2 dimensional world, which is practically non-existent or a completely different book. Now that’s 4 Dollfie Dreams. The last one would be the MDD or the Mini Dollfie Dream. They are the child body variants of the Dollfie dreams or as the folks over at refer to, “Loli” variants. There aren’t much of them going around aside from the standard Character Image models which come out once in a blue moon, other wise most of them are customs. This here very lovely custom made MDD Aisaka Taiga was made by the talented Chun who her self has 2 other DD’s while also making her own DD clothes.

Rounding out September, the Philippines, in particular the General Metro Manila Area, was battered by the onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy. Large parts of the metropolis were submerged by flash floods caused by the impending and relentless pouring of rain, some areas as high as 3 stories. I, for one, wasn’t home as it happened while I was in Singapore. I feel both fortunate and helpless as all I could do was pray for the safety and well being of my friends and family who were braving the tragedy. And just as the city was recovering, with the entry of October, another typhoon, Pepeng, was poised to hit us. thankfully my humble metropolis which I call home has been spared. However, Northern Provinces were not so fortunate. For those of you reading this, regardless of your faith and religious beliefs, I ask for you to pray for those who were affected by this calamity which bore down on my humbled country. If you could donate, countless charities and organizations have relief efforts are awaiting your stretched hands.

Well that’s pretty much what happened for the month of September. Oh, and it was someone’s birthday as well.

So time to slip back in to the monotony of life. And if you’ll notice that all the photos are aligned to the left, yeah, that’s just me being lazy.



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