Impressions: CosMania 09

Last Sunday, September 13, SM Megamall’s Megatrade hall B was undersiege by a mob. A mob of Cosplayers, local otaku and pop culture fans and those of just the curious mind. Cosplay Mania was afoot and Cosplayers of different shapes, shades sizes and eccentricities were there to regale and put up a show to the media, bloggers and fans alike.
Having dipped my hand in some light cosplay, I ventured forth as Otariiman Vader yet again to see, hear and feel what the best of the cosplay community has to offer. Though it wasn’t really my first event to go as my said “Alter Ego”, it was my first and truly cosplay oriented event. Well, there was Alodia’s Cosplay Fusion at the Powerplant mall but then again, I just happened to be there and the venue was just a stone’s throw from my residence, so I wouldn’t exactly say I was there for the event specifically. It was however my friend’s first time to go to a pop-culture centered event. Any event for that matter. And she even came in cosplay! Would’ve been an accurate one at that had I been able to find the prop I was supposed to lend her for her Jill Valentine get up.

So, Mikuru in tow, we head out to the venue late in the afternoon as it was each others’ family day and so that we could see as much in the short time we had for the day. It wasn’t shortly thereafter arriving that we knew cosplayers and fans alike had pretty much taken over the mall. But before we headed off to the convention hall, Gail, my friend, decided we stop by Child’s play to visit another fellow college buddy, Gerry. We ended up doing a quick photo shoot. (shout out to Gerry; Pics please!)

With our preparations complete, we headed of to the con. Upon entering, it was as my friend described it, “Crazy”. No sooner did we enter we got our first btach of peeps asking for photos.. yeah, surprisingly enough, they found a guy dressed as Darth Vader in a tie entertaining enough. But as I expected, she got a few people asking for photo ops as well. Heck, show up as any skimpily clad girl carrying a submachine gun, it WILL draw attention. But if you were to ask me, she managed to pul off Jill Valentine nicely. (Way to go Gail!!^^) We decided to hit the retailers. The usual suspects were there, Wasabi, 2 rats, CSCentral. While browsing through Wasabi toy’s stuff, my cousin who was our designated photographer-cum-Mikuru’s watch dog, pointed our attention to Chikara. BEANNIE HATS!! I got me a blue neko beannie while my friend get her boy-toy a pirate bear. I have to admire my cousin though, she got herself Doraemon. However all of them came out of my pocket.

Done with retailers, we sally forth-ed to the main area where a mob had gathered around the stage where upon every time a cosplayer walked on stage, was received with each resounding cheer. I’m no critic but some I’d have to say could have used a bit more effort in throwing in the costume, most weren’t too shabby at all and the cosplayers themselves got in to character quite well might I say. Then there were those that were just epic. Though I’ve seen them donned before in previous events, I’d have to say they still manage to draw applauds from the crowd and with good and justified reason through their efforts. Our motley crew however just hung around the back near the food stalls just taking in the experience, getting stopped every 5 steps or so for a photo op with us or us to take photo ops with other cosplayers.

Before long, it was time to pack up and leave. We thought we’d do our last bit of rounds around the venue, bumped into a few friends while we’re at it then headed out and for home. Overall, I should say, I think I got me a new co-pilot for when I go to events like these.

Coffeebugg out. Photobucket album.



  1. @the Envoy: Pretty sure she wasn’t, Can’t say the same for the Gothic Lolita Haruhi that was on stage later in the day.

  2. @xine; the usual retailers were there, not as much as there were in toycon nor at the comicon. ^^

  3. Wow, looks like you guys had fun! Are there a lot of nice toys for sale?

    Too bad I missed it. 😦

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