Impressions: Metro Comic-con 09

If I may recount my first impressions as I arrived “Ooh lookit teh purty cosplays!!”  Walking further along; ooh, more cosplays, cool~! For a moment I actually thought I was at the wrong area and assumed that a Cosplay convention was going on at the same time and that the Comic-con was in the next Hall. As I got in to the event hall, T’was the retailers that occupied the center portion of the hall and I just had to go and ask myself, “Where are the artists?”.

Last August 8 and 9 saw the launch of the Metro Comic-Con; what is supposed to be the SDCC’s (San Diego Comic Con)local cousin event. The SDCC has been known as one big Artists party. And much like it’s bigger and well budgeted foreign cousin, Metro Comic-con’s objectives did not differ much so to speak; local professional comic book artists got to meet up with fans and rub elbows with comrades from various branches and studios which herald the industry. Budding artists also got to show off their skills and works to prospecting fans and, quite possibly, studios on the hunt for new talent.

Now aside from such, a convention won’t be a convention without the retailers. And the retailers were not something they were in a shortage of over at Metro Comic-con. And as such they practically overshadowed the artists. There were more retailers tables than there were artists and studio booths. I wouldn’t have mind if the retailer desks were that of the comic book and books shops that dotted the metropolis. But it was the specialty toy shops that were occupying a large portion of the venue. Sure, toy retailers are a given at a convention but this was a convention for the celebration, promotion and proliferation of the comic book industry and it’s artists and local creative geniuses alike. Last I checked,Toy-con was a few months ago.

However, despite the abundance of toy retailers at the event, they still didn’t take center stage and grab the spotlight. That crown went to the Cosplay event which ran through the weekend. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but praise and admiration for cosplayers especially to our local troupe. Cosplay is an expensive hobby, and for the amazing cosplays that these fellows turn up is by far outstanding by my reckoning for citizens of our beloved politically stricken third world country. Heck, I myself turned up in a somewhat half assed attempt at cosplay. Or should I say “Cos-trip”, which, in my opinion, is rather pointless terminology as people who do engage in cosplay professional or other wise do so for the point of having fun. Whoever coined that term should be gutted and quartered, but those are my sentiments. Anywho as it was the first time I had actually gone to a convention in “Cosplay”, I learned that I had to be prepared to spend a good portion of my time stopping for photo ops with various people and that I had to allocate time out of cosplay to properly go around the venue. (Shout out to people who took photos of an idiot in a vader helmet with a 2 foot tall doll in his back pack!) It was quite an experience and fun too. I intend on terro~ I mean venturing out at the cosplay convention coming up soonm this time with other friends who are, so to speak, cosplay virgins. 😛

All in all, in the few hours I spent circling the venue with my co-pilot Mikuru, and a friend who is no longer a “convention virgin”, it was a fun con. Filled with lovely people out to have a good time. But did it meet its objectives? The commercial and financial objectives perhaps though I’m not too sure about the part of “celebrating and promoting” the local comic book industry. Least I got to get me Hobby Japan’s Nendoroid Pixel Mari-tan.

Disclaimer; I would also like to offer my apologies for the blurry photos as I’ve learned how difficult it is to take photos with a helmet wherein you could barely see 6 feet in front of you nor your feet.



  1. A model for one of the studios at the con. But my friend thought he recognized her as a cover girl for a men’s magazine recently.

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