Another Musume..

Yep.. Not more than a couple of months ago I got me by chance the opportunity to purchase Dollfie Rin from the Volks JP International Website. And all too recently, I’ve just adopted another one. God save me and my finances.. I have expensive hobbies.

Canton Road AgainLast July 25-28, I hopped on over for a quick trip to Hong Kong.  During that said trip, I’ve been invited by a few HK members of for a quick meet up over at Mongkok. However due to prior commitments, I couldn’t oblige them, but I did manage to do a quick stop over at Ginza Plus, one of many Otaku hot spots in Hongkong. Thought I’d pay a visit to Dollfie World to pick up some goodies for my first musume, Rin. Alas, the shop keeper says that they’ve closed for the night and won’t be open til 2pm the following day (where by then I’ll be at the airport waiting for my flight home). She was kind enough to let me look around at the beautiful daughters waiting for adoption. I was thinking of picking up Asuka from Evangelion, however she was as the shop keeper mentioned already reserved.

MongkokSo I continued on walking around the closed shops browsing at their shop windows, until I came upon the only shop that was open, JR Toys. Got to meet Andy and “Mr. Ho” who were very accommodating fellows. They let me look around their shop despite being very late in the evening (10pm closing time late).  I thought I’d find some clothes and accessories from them instead something far more adorable caught my eye.

Lo and Behold, it was Dollfie Dream Asahina Mikuru of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu fame. She was released in December 2007 during Volks JP’s Dollpa 18.

DD MikuruHere’s a quick intro of my second musume, Mikuru from her Figure.FM profile for Ms. Dollfie Summer 2009 contest.

* How old is she?

Mikuru was adopted July 27 2009 but has been accompanying Coffeebugg as a figma since October 2008* What She loves doing?

Mikuru has loved serving Coffeebugg his coffee ever since he’s taught her how to use the coffee press. That and helping coffeebugg build his Gunpla.* Favorite food – She seems to have a thing for blueberry muffins* The first word that they said to you – “拝啓!私は、私の世話をするミクル朝比奈してください。” (Greetings! I am Mikuru Asahina, Please take good care of me.)* Why your daughter is the fairest of them all – She’s just too bloody adorable.. She’s been very caring and cheery as opposed to my first daughter Rin who has been pretty much using the chain mine often to fend for her needs.This also serves as Mikuru’s formal introduction. Will update later to my blog.*more shots here in MyFlickr.

Well then, that’s it for tonight.. I know I haven’t been blogging much but that’s because there wasn’t much to blog about. This Sunday however, I intend to bring Mikuru out to her first con; The Manila Comic-con, and hopefully would get to meet some local fellows from over at



  1. Wow! A doll serves you coffee. Just one question… how can it serve you if its inanimate? She seems to have a thing for blueberry muffins? Can it even eat at all? Either you’re losing it or you need help.

  2. ^^; Thanks coffee for putting back the name/url thing

    I was going to ask the same question as bel did, $850 USD huh, it’s not bad consider you got it right there. Might have to go back to HK one of these days.

  3. Grats again on your new daughter~ You said you wanted to gather the whole SOS dan, n well, you’re making good progress ^^

    How much did you get her for?


  4. @bel; I get Mikuru for about US$850, not that far off from how much I got Rin taxes included.

  5. Heya, I’m from Hong Kong but didn’t know you came over few weeks ago (I don’t visit DC as often as I used to anymore).

    I tend to stick around areas in Wan Chai such as Oriental 188, but I do go back to places in Mongkok from time to time. I don’t go much into dolls but perhaps it’s interesting to see what people have. Next time you’re coming over in the summer do leave me a message!

  6. @hotbabe; She’s still learning from my butler penguin and the muffin’s she doesn’t get to finish usually get fed to the cthulu in the aquarium. Or it might just be the meds I’ve been taking for my schizophrenia.

  7. @wolf; do say when. I might head back by the end of the year this time purely for leisure.

    @Q; I’ll keep that in mind, I’ll drop you an email once I get plans. would love to put a face to the names I meet online.

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