Otacool ’09

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, Dannychoo.com had a giveaway a couple of months back wherein his members were to upload photos of their room. Recently, well known figure manufacturer Kotobukiya has taken notice and thought of doing a book about it.

And so the contenders, and just about anyone else who wanted to share their rooms, have been uploading like crazy on to the Otacool website by Danny Choo. Members who wished to share were asked to answer a few questions as well, thought I’d share them with you.

* Name (or nick name) – Mark Anthony; also known to respond to Wich, Wichi, Chico
* Age – (as of this entry) late 20’s
* How many years you have been an “otaku” –  I’ve been into building Gunpla for more than a decade now Though I was introduced to Anime early on through Macross, and Voltes V. It wasn’t only until recently that I started collecting figures.  Though I still don’t see myself as being one.
* Nationality – Filipino (Philippines)
* Outline of your collection – Initially comprised of Gundam kits and plastic model kits of Militaria and automobiles until a fire razed my home and collection. Recently, I have a good number of poseable figures and Gashapons. A build queue of Gundam kits and some Plastic models of cars and planes. Also have a dozen or so of PVC figures
* How much your collection cost – A safe estimate would put it in 10’s of thousands of USD
* Your fave item – Difficult to say that I have 1 particular favorite item in my collection. If I had to choose, It would have to be my Dollfie Rin Tohsaka and my MG EX-S Gundam since it was what got me into building Gunpla again.
* Your website addresshttps://coffeebugg.wordpress.com, http://coffeebugg.deviantart.com
* Anything else you want to say – I’m quite thankful that my family and friends for being quite open to my hobbies. Although my family has been at my neck for my spending habits i.e. being that it is excessive, I guess it’s safe to say that they’re thankful I put my money on that rather than taking to vices. And for the enduring question of why I got in to my hobbies; there are those who get into these hobbies as a way to escape the real world for a short time. While I do tend to share the same moments, they are so to speak, my anchor to reality. That despite how old we grow and how mature we tend to think of ourselves to have become, we always look to our inner child to see that sometimes life doesn’t have to be complicated in order for us to be happy, nor does happiness have to be complicated.

And in other news.

I’ve been featured on Deviantart member Painting with light’s journal about the Holy Land, Israel.

Well then that’s that..

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.




  1. You look fa…er… big in your photo.hahah jk. Nice room, btw.
    btw, mind exchanging links? I’ve already added you to mine.

  2. @samejima; yes, yes.. I did gain a few. -_-; need to go back to my training regimen. already added.

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