My little sanctuary.. (Cont’d)

In the previous post, I told you about the Giveaways on that prompted many an Otaku to upload pics of their varied recluses and how it spurred a book to give the normal person a glimpse in to our world. And as I’ve mentioned previously as well, I wasn’t able to participate in the little online event as I was in the midst of rearranging my room. In fact, I’m constantly moving stuff here and there as with my neck of the woods being quite dusty during the summer. (must send plushies to the laundromat). I have however put up some photos of my room on Figure.FM, post re-arranging but mostly just highlights.

Now let’s take a closer look at my so called sanctuary.


Upon entering my room, this would be the view that greets you. Basically my lounge or den where my TV and entertainment peripherals are.


These here would be my Gunplas or Gundam model kits. There’s not much now since most often than not, after coming home from work, I’m too tired to pick up a box from my build queue.


Trust me, back in high school and college, I had a helluva lot more. Alas those guys became fuel for the fire that gutted our house back in ’02.


Here we have my Study and “Sanctuary”. Yes, it is a mess isn’t it. Like I said it’s a work in progress. I intend to pick up a couple more display cabinets and/or shelves.

IMG_1125 IMG_1135

The bookshelf on the right contains mainly books, CD’s, DVD’s and Game boxes. And a few picture frames here and there.

IMG_1157 IMG_1140

Save for a few Revoltechs, Rin seems to like sitting up there most of the time to keep an eye on what I’m browsing on the Interwebs.

The one on the left is my only dedicated display cabinet. It’s not much as I got it for a bargain over at one of the local department stores.


Most of my PVC Figures are in there and those which I would rather not be touched by fiddly diddly hands.


Here be mostly the Gashapons and my favorite Mcfarlane Figures.


The more fragile ones, so to speak.


Oh and that Gundam Astray Blue frame.. well let’s just say he has trouble standing and putting him with the rest of the gunpla up on the shelf might have flying off and not in a good way.


Next up, we got My workstation and the Wall’O’Figures..

But that’s up for another post.

Meanwhile I leave you with this..



  1. wow, AWESOME collection. that reminds me my Aya Natsume still in her packaging. DO WANT on that Quaedluun Rau

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