My little sanctuary..

Every now and then Danny Choo holds giveaways for his loyal readers. From ever so coveted early release figures to the rather mundanely yet intriguingly erotic. Contest mechanics are usually trivial questions such as ‘Name this character’ or ‘How much was this item’ to the very simple “show me your (insert otaku item of pride)”, one being such the “My desk giveaway” last May. There you would have seen a plethora of work areas from Otakus and/or “Japan pop culture enthusiasts”. Of course, not to be out done, I had to show off my humble workstation. Humble compared to several individuals within the Dannychoo community.

Alas, as I would have expected, other more discerning and very eligible desk entries were chosen. And though I may have my reservations, the winner could not have been anymore deserving. That would be Ms Alodia Gosienfiao’s desk, if you could call it that. Though personally, I would believe that a “shrine” would have been a more politically correct term for it, I’ll leave it at that.

Moving on.

A little before the ‘My desk giveaway’, another similar contest was held. At that time, participants were asked to submit photos of their well adorned Otaku rooms. And much like my previous statement, these rooms would have been better off referred to as museums as opposed to having shrines for their desks. I, however, did not have the opportunity to participate. As I was more or less in the midst of rearranging my room and that uploading a room that was in as much disarray as a viewer having just watched Bay-formers 2, suffice to say, I considered the effort to be pointless like a German gulag along side majestically adorned throne rooms. Or so I thought. As it was, the choice of winner was no doubt a best representation of an otaku room. If you’re familiar with slice of life animes and J-Dramas then you’ll know what I mean.

For those of you who don’t, here’ s an excerpt from Danny:

While I feel terrible about not being able to choose everybody, I am delighted to announcet hat the winner of the xxxxx yen goes to member lightningsabresee more pics at his burogu. Not much more to add – he lives in an otakustore! Stacks of manga, unopened figures,dakimakura, anime wall scrolls and more.

Apparently, fellow community members’ efforts have caught the attention of one of’s partners. And as it seems, they even want to publish a book showcasing rooms of Otakus from the world over. And it seems yet again, dear Mr. Choo has called upon his loyal readers, myself included, to open the doors to their rooms/shrines/museums/libraries/hangar bays to the community and perhaps the chance to be one of the lucky ones to have their room published in the book, “Otacool!”

Just as the next collector/hobbyist who takes pride in their humble abodes, I mustered my troops to do a quick cleanup and this time made sure that my doors were open to the discerning readers. While it’s not exactly a suite in the Death Star apartments, I wouldn’t trade my little corner of my mortal and capitalist heaven for anything, save maybe for a bigger corner much similar to my own. I’ve uploaded several pictures to the recently relaunched Figure.FM.

Unfortunately, I’ve reached my upload limit on my flickr account so stay tuned until I upload more complete set of pics.



  1. @wolf, yeah, as it seems Figure.FM has a 10 picture limit. I wanted to put up close ups of the shelves. 🙂

  2. @envoy; that would be the Uniqlo flash thingy up there. clicking on it would take you to their site.

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