Cosplay Fusion

Last June 26, 27 and 28, 2009, saw the debut of a new cosplay event to the hit the scenes. Organized by Cosplay Cirlce, Cosplay Fusion was held at the Power plant mall. Participants gathered at the Archeology wing on the 2nd floor in front of National bookstore.The event was hosted by the lovely sisters, “blackmage9“Alodia and “orangeish“Ashley. Unfortunately though, I wasn’t able to catch them on the 26th, when they were judging and hosting the cosplay competition. However I did catch the cosplayers during the registration event and, by God, there were good ones and then there were GOOD ones.. and then there were those that were just too bloody awesome for words.
Through out the weekend, the event sponsors were also out in force. There were antique toys on display by the antiquities shop in the mall. pretty neat stuff. Maxicollector had several displays on hand, mostly Star Wars stuff. There was also a display of a life size statue of Iron man from Infinte Crisis.  Fat boy studios also had displays of busts of characters from various movies, all of which were also on display at the recent Toy-con. And lastly but definitely not the least, Lego would not be outdone. On display were Legoes of the Millenium Falcon and the second Death Star from Return of the Jedi. But what got my attention was the Darth Vader on display.. all 6 feet 6 inches of him.. incarnated by Legos.. yes, I was geeking out massively when I saw it.

And so with this I leave thee reader with more photos from the 2nd day of Cosplay Fusion. And from what I heard, another one is being planned in October. I’ll definitely be covering that one too, this time I’ll do my best to hook up with the local outpost if the 501st legion and hopefully Rin gets the chance to have her photo taken with them as well as the Gosiengfiao sisters.

Oh, apparently, Audi and Porsche’s local distributor, PGA Cars, was also a sponsor of the event hence the display of these drool worthy cars. I want that red Audi R8 and slap on some Haruhi Suzumiya decals on it…

It seems the cars caught the attention of this CC cosplayer as much as she was catching the attention of some people. Oh, the girl in the blue tanktop wasn’t a cosplayer but she was kind enough to pose for some quick snaps with perv.. I mean onlookers. She was a model for the car display and naturally stole the spotlight at the car display.

Photos also Uploaded on photobucket



  1. @wolf; There’s gonna be another one in October. Hopefully, I can do better coverage of that one.

    @The Envoy; hmm, yes I did the same until I saw the 6 foot tall Lego Vader. 🙂

  2. Saw the Lego Vader in the mall during the weekend, looks great!
    it’s still standing in the buildcity store.

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