Rin Tohsaka; Dollfie, Slave Driver

So I’ve started me a blog. And much like most blogs nowadays, a lot of them have come up with mascots of sorts. Be it an original character, much like Dannychoo has Mirai Suenaga, or other bloggers out there dressing up as some kook in a mask. For me though, I’ve opted to take on who is my biggest purchase to date with regards to my figure collecting hobby.

I’d like you all to meet Rin Tohsaka from the the Anime/visual novel series Fate Stay/Night. She’s a Dollfie Dream Ball Jointed Doll by Volks Inc Japan. Stands 2 feet tall and is made out of PVC, Soft Vinyl and a skeletal frame of ABS and aluminum. Her eyes though are made of glass. Here you see her holding a Figma version of her (More on Figmas in future posts). A Figma stands roughly 13-14cm., that’s about the same height as the cup of your grande latte. So yeah, she’s pretty huge.

I purchased her online from the Volks Int’l website on June 2 and she arrived on June 10th via EMS. She’s was only available as an after event exclusive at the Volks Dolls Party 21 (Dollpa) where purchasing rights were up for lottery. Yup, you read right. You win, you only get the opportunity to purchase her, not her just yet. You still had to give up an organ or two for her. So if you have to ask, yes she cost a lot to “adopt”.

Despite being rather ridiculous for a guy to have this kind of hobby, as some friends have already pointed out, my mom and one of my very close friends have taken a liking to her. My friend actually happened to drop by the day Rin arrived and she was just excited like a little child. Practically even begged to dress her up too.

So far I’ve already brought her to the recent Toycon as you can see from my previous post and she turned out to be quite popular with the dAMeat crowd of Deviantart. In the upcoming weekend, there’s gonna be a cosplay event in the nearby mall and I plan on covering it with Rin and I can assure you, won’t be the last. The organizers say they’re setting up a maid and butler cafe for that event. That I have to see.

Well that’s about it. To wrap up this post, I quote my post on Dannychoo when she first arrived.

Rin Tohsaka, Okaeri!!

Yes, Rin is finally home and thankfully the customs people didn’t give me much flak with her turnover. In fact, they were actually quite curious and accommodating which was interesting. (Better send some fried noodles to them tomorrow since offices are closed on friday.)

With all due respect to the beautiful pictures I’ve seen of her from other members, they do not do her justice. I remember someone here telling me that once I take my step into dollfies, It’s going to be a very big leap from figures and there’s no looking back. (was that you wolfenreich?)

Anywho, please extend your warm welcome to my family’s newest member, Rin. Please treat her well.

And on that note… Rin bids thee farewell. Until next time.


  1. Wow. She’s very pretty. I really like Rin.

    Btw, I’m from Manila too ^^ I’m glad the customs didn’t give you a hard time when you claimed your EMS package. I wasn’t as lucky as you, they charged various taxes before I could claim the item I bought from eBay. ò_ó

  2. @Wolf.. I’m also trying to get me grubby mits on Escalyer if I can’t get lucky with Yoko. I just want 1 DDDy and 1 MDD.. might custom me a Taiga.

  3. @Xine; They did give me a bit of trouble. but i managed to bring down her customes duties after some negotiations

  4. I am glad to see you are happy with your Rin Adoption. I would never have become a dollfie dream father if it wasn’t for Dannychoo.com, well the fact that they just introduced Dollfie Escalayer was important too, along with Dollfie Rin.

  5. I wonder if any future opportunities will appear to adopt her. I’d like to adopt a Rin 😦

  6. hey coffee, i’m also in the philippines and i really want to get a rin tohsaka dollfie T_T
    maybe you’d know anyone who’s selling her? you can email me the contact info XD

    1. Rin Tohsaka is very rare now and haven’t seen neither hair nor hide of her on Yahoo! Japan Auction. Your best bet would have to be Dollfie world in HK. I think the owner, Natalie, might be able to help you.

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