Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Finally!!! More news about what could be my most anticipated film for 2010. Yahoo! News recently released info about Tim Burton’s adaption of Alice in Wonderland. And along with it the first photos of the cast.

Taking the role of Alice would be newcomer Mia Wasikowska as teenage Alice. Yes you read right “Teenage”. As it goes, Tim Burton has signed on writer Lisa Woolverton for the screenplay. Among her notable successes under Disney would include Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and some parts of Mulan.

In this story, Alice returns to wonderland several years after the events of the first story, “Alice in Wonderland”, and “Through the Looking Glass.” Sounds vaguely familiar? Don’t worry, Alice in this story doesn’t go thru the same plight as American McGee’s Alice. As the story starts, we see Alice fleeing into the woods after she finds out that she is to be proposed to in front of “snooty society types”. She ends up following a white rabbit into wonderland where she, oddly enough, has no recollection of having been to before. Reading that, it seems this is turning more into a sequel or continuation of Lewis Carroll’s story rather than the often retelling of the story.

But I have faith in Burton. He has yet to fail in amusing the introverted schizophrenic child in me. And if we’re to go by his version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we can expect an amusingly twisted tale albeit some rather disturbingly funny highlights melded in to the story. Take a cue from Johnny Depp’s photo as the Madhatter. It seems like it’s going to give Jim Carrey’s portrayal of the Riddler a run for his money. Heck it even makes Depp’s Willy Wonka look like a disgruntled Circus Ringmaster. No wait, he had those Oompa loompahs, I guess that does make him that. But with the notoriety of Depp playing variedly funny yet eccentric borderline sociopaths, we can expect that this one’s in the hat. Pardon the pun.

And of course what good Tim Burton movie would not include Helena Bonham Carter. Much like Depp, she’s worked on just about every movie, Tim Burton ever made. It’s like a package deal these three. Carter plays the top villain, The Red Queen from the 2nd book, however, some movie sites and Wiki have mentioned that she would be more a combination of the villains from the first book, the Queen of Hearts, and that of the Red Queen. And from her portrayal of Ms. Lovett in Sweeney Todd, I don’t think you can find a better person to play an over the top eccentric villainess Queen.

One character that has piqued my interest is Anne Hathaway’s White Queen. She described her character as “”Cute but psycho. Things even out.” I can only expect good things from this.

DidI mention that this was a Disney movie? Well, guess what. It is. Apparently Tim Burton had signed on to a 2 picture deal with Disney. So can we expect rainbows and fluffy cotton candy in this story? I think not. With it being part of Lewis Carroll’s story, the first book being a described as a prime example of literary nonsense that plays on logic, you can already expect it to be an interesting movie. Throw in Tim Burton’s signature blend of directing plus the eccentric characters of the Madhatter and the Red Queen being portrayed by equally eccentric and magnificent actors and you can only expect a movie that is sure to entertain.

Or maybe I’m just being biased. =P Though Wiki puts the date on March 19th 2010, IMDB pegs it on the 5th of March 2010. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEH!!!!

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  1. Looks quite interesting. Unfortunately the only thing I know about Alice in Wonderland is the Red Queen, because the Red Queen Theory/Paradox/whatever is used everywhere (it’s an emphasis on evolution)

  2. @gndynames, If you plan on watching it, Do try to watch the 1999 Film adaptation as it is so far the one that’s closest to the novels.

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