Toying with Taxes

The other day I received a postal notice for one of my online figure orders. Now, unless it was an EMS post notice, I’d normally just head to the local post office, hand the notice to the customs officer, pay the postage fee of Php35, take the package home and play with the styro popcorn used to secure the goodies inside. And so earlier today I expected the same. I handed the postcard to the customs officer, signed a few stuff and paid the postage fee.

But as my parcel came out from the storage area, the customs officer (whom I was kinda well acquainted with by now due to my frequent visits) goes and informs we that they’ll have to evaluate the items now for proper customs
tax. I thought to myself “Say what?! My PVC babies are taxable now?”. So I asked what for? And he goes on to mention the new policies regarding imported toys being taxable items now. They are supposedly classified now as
luxury goods. Wonderful. More ways our wonderful bureacracy can milk us for our hard earned money when we could be spending it on our means of living and/or our hobbies. The tax duty wasn’t as much as one would pay with EMS post as documented by comrade Marvin in his blog, but still you get my point.

“Rin’s got a new friend.”

The reason why some of us bear with the long wait for our online orders to arrive thru SAL or surface mail is to save as much on the shipping cost. With the implementation of this, the only thing SAL has going for EMS, aside from still being relatively cheaper, is that we don’t have to go all the way to the Customs head office.

However, as the story goes, it isn’t all too new.

Browsing around the Interwebs, I’ve come across other stories of collectibles coming under scrutiny for taxation. One that caught my attention most was another story of taxation for goods bought from a notable online store. The same store where my recent parcel came from.

Well, what’s done is done. One must find other sources to sustain my plastic addiction or at least alternative means of bringing them in. So far the only thing that comes to mind would have to be door to door parcel delivery which would
cost a testicle or an ovary for every parcel shipped consdiering that I usually ask my goods to be shipped in bulk.

I’ve got to find either a cheaper hobby, or a better paying job.



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