Let’s see now…

Well, it only seemed logical to get my self a proper blog what with the amount of stuff I’ve been taking pictures of and the stuff I get for myself and myself into. I have myself a Deviantart account and a Multiply page. Oh and Flickr too.

However, with the said websites I have associated myself with, there are just some things that one can’t put up on any of the mentioned portals. Be it personal rants, random thoughts, ridiculously styled journalism or just your out-of-blue gimmickry.

That’s where this little porta-potty in the web comes in. Aside from daily brain farts and documentation of abnormal behaviour be it induced by my addiction to caffeine or lack thereof (depending on the situation), expect to see my futile attempts in photojournalism with events, figure/movie/food/gadget reviews, or simply striking fear and confusion in civilian life as Otarii Vader, otaku salary man.

And so here it goes.


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